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Babe is what’s for breakfast

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"Look at it this way: when someone opens up a business, they’re entitled to all sorts of special tax breaks that most people can’t get. They can write off fancy meals; they can write off nights stayed at five-star hotels; they can write off airfare to anywhere in the world they do business, or even might do business; and they can even write off any legal expenses they incur when they get busted for breaking the law. Drug dealers who push pot can’t write off their lawyer’s fees, but drug dealers at Big Pharma, even when they lie and break the law in ways that kill people, can - all because they’re incorporated."

If a Business Won’t Pay a Living Wage, It Shouldn’t Exist (via azspot)

How the Fourteenth Amendment in the hands of the Supreme Court removed the personhood of humans and granted it to corporations.

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